Best laptops for podcasting 2022

Podcasts are one of the simplest types of content. Unlike vlogging, you don't need expensive equipment. Let's talk about the best way to start by choosing the best laptops for podcasting.

Best laptops for podcasting 2022

How to record your first podcast: choosing equipment and software

Today, many people call podcasts the new radio. There is some truth in this: podcasts are attracting an ever-larger audience, they are listened to at home, in the car, on the subway on the way to work. The most important difference between a podcast and radio is that anyone can create their own, and for this you don’t even need special expensive equipment. We tell you how to choose the right equipment and software for recording podcasts, how much it can cost.

Computer or laptop: do not chase performance

Of course, you can also record a podcast from your smartphone, but this will give you a very entry-level product at the output. For better recording, a computer is indispensable. Unlike, for example, streaming, a podcast does not need powerful and productive equipment - it is enough to limit yourself to a simple and reliable laptop. The requirements for the characteristics are not high: for example, you can not pay much attention to the video card and be content with the integrated chip, it will not affect the recording of the podcast in any way.

The processor does not have to break performance records either, an Intel Celeron / Intel Pentium Silver chip (or a similar model from AMD) is enough to record a podcast. When choosing the amount of RAM, it is better to give preference to a laptop with 8 GB of memory (in extreme cases, at least 6 GB) - so the computer can easily cope with multitasking.

If you're planning on recording podcasts outside of your home, the portability of your laptop will also be important, so opt for a lighter model so you can comfortably move around the city with it. There are many models weighing around 1 kg - you will definitely have plenty to choose from. For example, Acer Swift 1 weighs only 1.3 kg and has a thickness of 1.5 cm - it will fit in almost any bag or backpack. Plus, the laptop has a well-implemented cooling system: it is quiet even under load, so no heart-rending howl of fans will be recorded.

Microphone: a simple buttonhole is enough

Almost everything depends on the sound quality in a podcast — you won’t be able to keep the audience even with the most interesting topic and the coolest guest if your conversation is accompanied by crackling, noises and echoes. The sound quality is directly affected by the microphone - let's talk about them in more detail.
For starters, there should be as many microphones as there are people in the conversation. If you're new to the world of podcasting, don't buy a port studio or mixing console right away: if your new hobby doesn't get you going, you'll be sorry for the money spent.

Start with a simpler solution - a USB microphone or a regular lavalier. Fundamentally, except for the form factor and connection method, they do not differ from each other: both start at about a thousand rubles for a decent entry-level model. Among lavalier microphones, for example, Boya BY-M1 can be distinguished - this is a budget and fairly high-quality device that will cost you about 1,500 rubles.
Pay attention to the interface: if you are going to write podcasts through a laptop, options with a regular 3.5 mm jack will do, if on a smartphone, it is better to look for a suitable USB or Lightning option.

However, microphones differ not only in connection method, but also in design: dynamic and condenser microphones can be distinguished here. For a beginner, it is definitely better to stop at the first option: such microphones have low sensitivity, therefore they “eat up” extraneous sounds, noises and echoes. Condenser microphones are extremely demanding on sound quality and room acoustics.

There is no universal advice on a microphone brand - you can look at the products of Audio-Technica, Behringer, Sennheiser, AKG.

Are you thinking of beginning your career as a podcaster for enjoyment? It is likewise suitable for spreading information. In order to start podcasting you will require a powerful computer and some other gear for that. So, nowadays I am reviewing some best laptops for podcast recording for you so you can choose one for yourself. You will need an ideal computer with great storage, a proper size display screen, and an effective processor for podcasting. But this is not all. Additionally, you should take into consideration some other factors as well such as battery life, memory space, and price. So, check them all out!

ASUS ROG Zephyrus-S17 GX701

A powerful, durable laptop with a unique design that lets you get more out of your games. Comes with the ASUS Aura RGB Lighting system, so you can personalize your keyboard, case, mousepad, and more to match your mood. Powered by the latest Intel Core i7-8750h processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 graphics, the S15 is ready for the most challenging tasks. The keyboard and trackpad are backlit for convenient typing and gaming, while a large display offers a vibrant and immersive viewing experience. With two USB-C ports, one HDMI port, and a Thunderbolt 3 port, the S15 is equipped to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. The S15 also features a fingerprint sensor for added security, and it can be personalized with your favorite ROG gaming keycaps.

Apple MacBook Pro

You can do editing on a 13-16 inches MacBook. However, using 13 inches notebook will best for travel also.

Design :

This laptop comes with a black gloss body and a 16 inches display screen. Also, the screen contains narrow bezels with a webcam in the middle. This Apple laptop has a 9th generation processor of MAC and 512GB storage. And the MacBook Pro is 16 inches in all.

Display :

Its screen is 16 inches with an eye retina display. The high definition display gives bright white colors and profound black color results. Also, the IPS panel display helps to protect your eyes from irritation. Its brightness is also 500 astounding nits.

Keyboard :

This 16 inches device comes with a scissors tactile keyboard. Also, its keys have a long travel distance. These keys are quick and respond finely. You will also find a touch bar at the top center of the keyboard. It helps you get shortcuts. Moreover, you will also get a fingerprint secret log in here.

Audio :

The audio quality is also excellent on this laptop, as I said earlier. There are six speakers audio system on the computer. You will enjoy thrilling sound in high volume. Also, you will enjoy lower work as well.