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Big Data and the Internet of Things

A book by Venu Mantha, Louis Nagod, ISBN

The genesis of this book began in 2012. Hadoop was being explored in mainstream organizations, and we believed that information architecture was about to be transformed. For many years, business intelligence and analytics solutions had centered on the enterprise data warehouse and data marts, and on the best practices for defining, populating, and analyzing the data in them. Optimal relational database design for structured data and managing the database had become the focus of many of these efforts. However, we saw that focus was changing.

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Big Data and the Internet of Things by Venu Mantha, Louis Nagod

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About the Authors Venu Mantha is a Senior Director of Information Architecture and Big Data with Oracle. He brings over 20 years of global management and technology advisory services experience. Venu has developed organizational growth strategies, led go-to-market initiatives, and spearheaded development of methods and tools for practitioner use. He has also led many technology initiatives to streamline and improve operations for global clients that involve transformations, cost reductions, consolidations, and post merger integrations. More recently, he has advised clients in multiple industries regarding data warehousing, analytics, Big Data, and the Internet of Things. Venu earned his MBA from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, with a focus on Corporate Strategy and General Management. Louis Nagode is a Senior Director of Information Architecture and Big Data at Oracle. He has worked for over 30 years in business intelligence and in IT and development related roles including management of software and product development, sales and sales consulting, and business development. Louis has extensive experience performing proofs of concept at clients. As a by-product of this experience, he created Oracle’s BI Challenge to Go (BIC2G), a portable environment used worldwide in demonstrations, workshops, and proofs of concept. His fun, plain- talking style makes him a sought after speaker. Louis has a bachelors degree and masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.