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We are witnessing a movement that will completely transform any part of business and society. The word we have given to this move- ment is Big Data and it will change everything, from the way banks and shops operate to the way we treat cancer and protect our world from terrorism. No matter what job you are in and no matter what industry you work in, Big Data will transform it.

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“Amazing. That was my first word, when I started reading this book. Fascinating was the next. Amazing, because once again, Bernard masterfully takes a com- plex subject, and translates it into something anyone can understand. Fascinat- ing because the detailed real-life customer examples immediately inspired me to think about my own customers and partners, and how they could emulate the success of these companies. Bernard’s book is a must have for all Big Data practitioners and Big Data hopefuls!” Shawn Ahmed, Senior Director, Business Analytics and IoT at Splunk “Finally a book that stops talking theory and starts talking facts. Providing real- life and tangible insights for practices, processes, technology and teams that sup- port Big Data, across a portfolio of organizations and industries. We often think Big Data is big business and big cost, however some of the most interesting exam- ples show how small businesses can use smart data to make a real difference. The businesses in the book illustrate how Big Data is fundamentally about the cus- tomer, and generating a data-driven customer strategy that influences both staff and customers at every touch point of the customer journey.” Adrian Clowes, Head of Data and Analytics at Center Parcs UK “Big Data in Practice by Bernard Marr is the most complete book on the Big Data and analytics ecosystem. The many real-life examples make it equally relevant for the novice as well as experienced data scientists.” Fouad Bendris, Business Technologist, Big Data Lead at Hewlett Packard Enterprise “Bernard Marr is one of the leading authors in the domain of Big Data. Through- out Big Data in Practice Marr generously shares some of his keen insights into the practical value delivered to a huge range of different businesses from their Big Data initiatives. This fascinating book provides excellent clues as to the secret sauce required in order to successfully deliver competitive advantage through Big Data analytics. The logical structure of the book means that it is as easy to consume in one sitting as it is to pick up from time to time. This is a must-read for any Big Data sceptics or business leaders looking for inspiration.” Will Cashman, Head of Customer Analytics at AIB “The business of business is now data! Bernard Marr’s book delivers concrete, valuable, and diverse insights on Big Data use cases, success stories, and lessons learned from numerous business domains. After diving into this book, you will have all the knowledge you need to crush the Big Data hype machine, to soar to new heights of data analytics ROI, and to gain competitive advantage from the data within your organization.” Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton, USA “Big Data is disrupting every aspect of business. You’re holding a book that pro- vides powerful examples of how companies strive to defy outmoded business models and design new ones with Big Data in mind.” Henrik von Scheel, Google Advisory Board Member “Bernard Marr provides a comprehensive overview of how far Big Data has come in past years. With inspiring examples he clearly shows how large, and small, organizations can benefit from Big Data. This book is a must-read for any orga- nization that wants to be a data-driven business.” Mark van Rijmenam, Author Think Bigger and Founder of Datafloq “This is one of those unique business books that is as useful as it is interesting. Bernard has provided us with a unique, inside look at how leading organizations are leveraging new technology to deliver real value out of data and completely transforming the way we think, work, and live.” Stuart Frankel, CEO at Narrative Science Inc. “Big Data can be a confusing subject for even sophisticated data ana- lysts. Bernard has done a fantastic job of illustrating the true business benefits of Big Data. In this book you find out succinctly how leading companies are getting real value from Big Data – highly recommended read!’ Arthur Lee, Vice President of Qlik Analytics at Qlik “If you are searching for the missing link between Big Data technology and achieving business value – look no further! From the world of science to enter- tainment, Bernard Marr delivers it – and, importantly, shares with us the recipes for success.” Achim Granzen, Chief Technologist Analytics at Hewlett Packard Enterprise “A comprehensive compendium of why, how, and to what effects Big Data ana- lytics are used in today’s world.” James Kobielus, Big Data Evangelist at IBM “A treasure chest of Big Data use cases.” Stefan Groschupf, CEO at Datameer, Inc.