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Complete Guide to Open Source Big Data Stack

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I have developed this book to investigate Mesos-based cluster development and integration. I found that data center operating system (DCOS; and it’s command-line interface [CLI]) was a natural progression from basic Mesos; so you will find that the later chapters of this book concentrate on that. Within the limits of the funding and time available to me, I have investigated each element of a Mesos-based big data stack, starting with a local cloud on Apache CloudStack followed by Apache Brooklyn for release management. Chapters are topic specific covering Mesos-based resource management, storage, processing, and queueing. I examine application frameworks like Akka and Netty; and finally, I cover visualisation.

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Complete Guide to Open Source Big Data Stack by Michael Frampton

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About the Author Michael Frampton has been in the IT (information technology) industry since 1990, working in a variety of roles (tester, developer, support, quality assurance), and in many sectors (telecoms, banking, energy, insurance). He has also worked for major corporations and banks as a contractor and a permanent member of the staff, including Agilent, BT, IBM, HP, Reuters, and JP Morgan Chase. The owner of Semtech Solutions, an IT/Big Data consultancy, Mike Frampton currently lives by the beach in Paraparaumu, New Zealand, with his wife and son. Mike has a keen interest in new IT-based technologies and the way that technologies integrate. Being married to a Thai national, Mike divides his time between Paraparaumu or Wellington in New Zealand and their house in Roi Et, Thailand. About the Technical Reviewer Olav Jordens is the technical lead in the big data space at a data-driven telco in New Zealand. His experience in big data has branched out from a decade working in advanced mathematical modelling in investment banking, to applying NoSQL systems in health care informatics, to his current role centered on the Hadoop ecosystems integrated into the core data center of the telco.